Dream Your Book

Our Philosophy
“We're writers with a passion for story, research, creative fun, and mystical inspiration."


Our approach to workshops is simple. We believe that passionate people should teach exactly what they are passionate about.

We're writers with a passion for story, understanding, creative fun, intuition, and mystical inspiration. But not only that. We're also editors, publishers, book marketers artists, researchers, and teaching artists.


Each class starts with a spark. Something the teacher is really excited about. Then we discuss it and shape it and hone the ideas that spark. We craft the class towards what sounds fun to us and what we feel would be the best experience for the students. Attune it to the teacher's heart. Allow it to evolve over time.

The most important thing is JOY. FUN. We don't need more self-serious and rigorous stuff in our lives, do we? What we need are moments to be lighter, more full of wonder, connected, in communion, making stuff and learning for the fun of it, and having a damn good time.


Nina Alvarez is an award-winning poet, playwright, and teaching artist with a passion for helping others find their creative genius. She created Dream Your Book author services in 2009 and the small press Cosmographia Books in 2013. Her writing has been published in Prick of the Spindle, Tupelo Quarterly, Split Lip, and her play, "The Life of Leo Wool," went to full production. She lives the path of integrative and multidimensional

healing and empath empowerment. She gets tingles from folklore, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, growing pumpkins, everything Halloween, warm people, iced lattes, and celebrating the Wheel of the Year. She has a master's degree in English from SUNY Albany, where she studied creative writing and literary theory. She lives at Dream Your Book headquarters—aka Camp DYB in Rochester, NY—with her partner, Daniel Herd, and their two cats.

To learn more about Dream Your Book author services and Wayfinding for Writers, visit DreamYourBook.com, or hang out with Nina on Instagram @dreamyourbook or Facebook.com/wayfindingforwriters

Meags Downing is a queer writer, editor, and researcher raised in the Catskills and living in Rochester, NY. She received her B.S. in Literature from SUNY Brockport and studied abroad at the University of Portsmouth. Then she dropped out of grad school, and that’s where the story really begins. After working a soul-sucking job in tech for nearly a decade, she made some career changes that were good for her spirit and went back to freelance editing and research. Meags is a published poet and is currently working on a book (forthcoming from Cosmographia Books) that is a love-letter to the spooky folklore of New York State. She is an avid researcher of everything from Luciferian scholarship to medieval studies, and loves deconstructing the roots of stories in popular culture. Baba Yaga is #haggoals for her. Meags is a witch with specialization in protective magics and occult verification research. She loves cozy sweaters, scarecrows, haunted farms, the rural unknown, and all things Halloween. She is still slightly bitter that she never got her invitation to the Midnight Society.